Dear public,

As you know, next Saturday, January 23 , we have an appointment at the La Paz Palace in Fuengirola, at 12:00 p.m. In the glory.

On this occasion, the repertoire will revolve around our Zarzuela.

La Zarzuela is a whole world of proposals and sensations in itself. We have selected a series of very relevant works that will make you spend a wonderful evening.

We have asked the Director and programmer, Juan Paulo Gómez, why he has chosen this repertoire, and he tells us that “the intention of this season is not only to make a cycle of concerts that covers the maximum possible variety within what we consider Classical Music, but also to show other genres and musical styles that can coexist perfectly in the same concert program.”

The Concert next Saturday the 23rd , around the Zarzuela, will allow us to see with pleasure that within this genre it must be part of the classical repertoire in its own right and for its indisputable quality, as the Director told us "in this third concert I could not Therefore, we are missing a sample of the most beautiful romances and interludes of our musical genre par excellence: the zarzuela, which we must integrate into this classic literature.”

And he is right, the zarzuela, often little known, is a very broad genre, and if we add to this another great “guest”, the bolero, the entire set of works acquires its own character in which the borrowings are perceived. between one gender and another. When asked about this, this is how Juan Paulo responded : “I consider its connection and influence on a genre imported from the new world to be very important: the bolero, since the romantic character present in these works can be perceived here, as in the romances, in a way.” very clear".

It is true that although we are opening the year, with all the hope in the world, Iberian Sinfonietta inaugurated this second cycle a few months ago. We asked the director about the progress of the programming of this second concert cycle 2020-2021. “ So far everything is working very well, taking into account the situation we find ourselves in. Luckily and with the support of the Fuengirola City Council, the concerts are not being suspended and they are all being carried out with the necessary health and protocol measures for this. We still have two other concerts left, in addition to this one, with a theme of great contrast to the present ," the Director tells us.

Finally, we have to ask Juan Paulo what he thinks the audience that attends the Concert will feel next Saturday, January 23, to which he answers, “ I think they are going to have a wonderful evening listening to works that are well known to all lovers of good music.” . It is a concert where we could affirm that the “beautiful melody” will be present at all times and where we can enjoy all those moments of love and heartbreak that different composers have wanted to capture through their musical works .

(In our next entry we will talk with the baritone from Malaga Santiago García and the soprano Lucía Millán)

Jorge Rodríguez Morata
Pedagogical content coordinator

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