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We continue with our series of interviews getting to know Iberian Sinfonietta inside out. Today's turn is for our head of the viola section, David Campos Guzmán . On the occasion of his next concert with Iberian Sinfonietta , next Saturday, March 18, we talked with him about different aspects.

What relationship do you have with Iberian Sinfonietta?

Currently, I am an active member within said group, although sometimes I may miss some concerts because I work in the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra, whenever I can I attend the events organized by the Iberian Sinfonietta .

What do you think of the project?

I find it attractive, especially because it has pedagogical work facing the public. A repertoire is played that is sometimes not so well known but that reaches the public in a close way through the musicians and the previous explanations that there are always, before starting each work. Furthermore, it is worth highlighting the variety of music that is performed: from more symphonic works to more chamber music repertoire.

What work do you do in the squad?

The work of someone who just wants to enjoy music (laughs). Jokes aside, normally, the director Juan Paulo Gómez offers me the option of being head of the viola section, a job that I alternate perfectly with the great violist and above all a great friend, Paula Sedeño. I always go with the mentality of contributing to making good music, contributing my grain of sand with the instrument.

How has the orchestra evolved? And your section?

When Juan Paulo Gómez called me for the first time, most of the musicians that are there now were not there, except for the concertmaster Enrique Tudela and a few others. Now there are more young people and I consider that the Iberian Sinfonietta is an opportunity for them to learn the discipline, concentration and maturity that comes with playing in a professional orchestra. The good atmosphere is palpable in rehearsals but at the same time, the discipline when playing has to be at an ''almost'' military level. Not only are there young people, there are also veteran teachers such as Enrique Tudela or Cristóbal Prieto, head of the cello section, who contribute to this learning; and there is nothing more useful for these new members than having these experienced people by their side.

What musical moment are you in?

I consider that I am in a good moment. Currently, I work in the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra and, as I said previously, I combine it with the Iberian Sinfonietta projects.

Outside of Malaga, I collaborate with the Granada musicians Pablo Martos, Alberto Martos and Ambrosio Valero (violin, cello and piano respectively), with whom I make chamber music.

I am currently in a happy moment because I work in my city, my home above all: Malaga. During my time in New York I learned a lot of things in a short time but I consider myself very homely/homely…. and like in Malaga, nowhere; Although I also love the city of Granada. When I go to rehearse with Pablo, Alberto and Ambrosio (already mentioned), I enjoy the city and its wonders.

Something that remains in our minds

There will always be things to improve, no one and nothing is perfect!, but I wish that the work of Iberian Sinfonietta would never decline and that its director, Juan Paulo Gómez , would continue to lead all this because he does an excellent job: always offering facilities, whether with scores, times, dates; He is always at our disposal and that is something to be grateful for.

As you can see, each Iberian Sinfonietta concert allows you to enjoy the best classical music, but there is much more. Today we got to know a little more about the orchestra and those who make it up. All this, next Saturday, March 18 at 7:00 p.m. at the La Paz Palace, in Fuengirola.

Jorge Rodríguez Morata
Pedagogical content coordinator

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