Dear public,

2021 begins and we continue with our programming of this second Iberian Sinfonietta Concert Series, this year, in the beautiful La Paz Auditorium in Fuengirola. In the glory.

This 2021 we are expanding our programming with a series of cultural entries about our Concerts. As you know, this cycle has the originality that during the Concert itself, direct communication is established with the public about aspects of the program, the performers or our culture, which they are enjoying so much, for that reason, now, to go still more informed about the Concert and to enjoy everything that Iberian Sinfonietta offers, we invite you to read and participate with the content that we will periodically upload.

All your comments will be welcome.

Lucía Millán (soprano)

Santiago García (baritone)

Of course, we warn you that the January Concert will be a real luxury, in it we will have two soloists at an important moment in their career, the soprano Lucía Millán and the baritone Santiago García .

Regarding the repertoire, just mention some of the works from which the most unforgettable passages will be performed, Katiuska, La revoltosa, el barberillo de Lavapiés ... And finally, there will be songs that are already part of our cultural heritage and our lives such as La legend of the kiss, If you tell me come, A lifetime ...not to be missed.

(Our next entry will be an interview with the Director of this Project, Juan Paulo Gómez )

Jorge Rodríguez Morata
Pedagogical content coordinator

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