Sofía Higueras

Born in Malaga, she began her violin studies at the age of 7 in the city of Malaga, alternating her Intermediate Studies between the "Manuel Carra" Professional Conservatory of Music with Professor Santiago de la Riva, the "Professional Conservatory of Music" Martín Tenllado" with Juan Jesús Navarro, as well as with the violinist Ara Vartanian.

After completing these studies with an outstanding average, he entered the Conservatory of Music of Málaga, where he continued his violin studies with Fernando Pascual, Salvador Raya, Carole Petitdemange and José Antonio Torrado. At the same time, he began his studies at the Galamian International Academy under the tutelage of Jesús Reina and Anna Margrethe Nilsen.

He has received masterclasses from Shirly Laub, Fabián López, Grigory Kalinovsky, Koh Kameda, Leticia Moreno, Alissa Margulis, Mirka Scepanovic, Joaquín Riquelme, Molly Carr, Rumen Cvetkov, Oyvind
Gimse, Kyril Zlotnikov, Gabriel Ureña, Misha Dacic, Josu de Solaun and Enrique Tudela, among others.

He has participated in orchestras directed by Tomás Grau, Roberto Gianola, Francisco Valero, Juan Paulo Gómez, Torodd Wigum and Vicente Chuliá among others.

Currently she has a degree in higher education specializing in violin and is continuing her final bachelor's degree at the Galamian International Academy. In addition, he collaborates with the Malaga Provincial Youth Orchestra and the Iberian Sinfonietta orchestra.