Sara Ramos Contioso

Composer, professor of composition at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Seville and researcher at the University of Granada.

His academic career is based on a solid training in the Sevillian school of composition with Manuel Castillo, Antonio Flores and Ignacio Marín as teachers. He also has the extraordinary final degree award (1998) in Composition and History of Music, a predoctoral research stay at the Humboldt University of Berlin (DAAD scholarship, 2007) under the supervision of Professor Danuser, a postgraduate course at the Conservatorio del Liceo de Barcelona (2006-2008) and the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize at the University of Granada (2019), with a thesis on the requiem genre in Spain in the 20th century.

He belongs to the Musical Heritage of Andalusia research group (HUM 263) of the UGR and has participated in numerous conferences and scientific conferences focused on the study of religious music (requiem) and chamber music in the 20th century with speakers such as Benet Casablancas, Arturo Tamayo, Tomás Marco, Yvan Nommick, Antonio Martín Moreno or Emilio Casares.

In the field of creation, he has premiered in the contemporary music cycle of Córdoba (2005), in the Fex of Granada (2010), in the MAHS conference of the RCSM Victoria Eugenia of Granada (2011-2017), in the cycle dedicated to women composers from the Jaén Superior Conservatory (2021), at the Mompou Auditorium of the SGAE (2022), at the Edgar Neville Auditorium in Málaga (2022) or at the Eduard Toldrá in Barcelona (2022). His works have been performed by the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra, the Styria Orchestra of Barcelona; the groups Noise Atelier, Bohemia Blässerquintett and Adolfo Sax; as well as performers of the level of Guillem Pérez Quer, Pedro Gavilán, Jesús Viedma, Antonio Juárez, Ana Huete, Ángel Conde, Enrique Peña, Elena Simionov and the directors Domenech García de la Rubia, Maria Sydor or Angel Luis Pérez Garrido.

He has also collaborated in the production of musical stories with the Huelva Provincial Council and the Doñana Board of Trustees, in the transcription and critical edition of Manuel Castillo's quartets (CED Innovation Project MTI-023/17), of Miquel Querol's requiem ( work pending publication) and in the composition of the work for guitar Cançó antiga de Montserrat commissioned by the ACC (2022).

He is a full member of the societies ACIM, SMA, SEDEM, ACC, AMM and the Ateneo de Sevilla. His compositional repertoire includes works in all formations.

In the professional field, he has continuously participated in selection processes and composition juries. She is also a European Expert for the European Commission.