María Dolores Paloma Marín

Born in Seville on August 9, 2005, she began her musical studies at the “América Martínez” Elementary Conservatory of Music, entering the “Francisco Guerrero” Professional Conservatory of Music as number one in her class, where she is currently in the 6th year of professional studies. .

He has attended master classes with teachers Will Sanders, Bernardo Silva, Rodolfo Epelde, Javier Rizo and Daniel Bourgue, among others.

He has collaborated with the Seville Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Archil Pochkhua. He is currently part of the Seville Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by Jerome Ireland, providing his work in different musical groups such as the Banda de Nuestra Señora del Sol, whose musical director is Jorge Belda.

She has been selected as a featured musician at the Barenboim-Saïd Academy of Orchestral Studies under the supervision of Alberto Menéndez and José Vicente Castelló, where she also collaborates in orchestral meetings, as well as in the Young Mediterranean Orchestra directed by Michael Thomas.

Among other competitions and awards, it has recently been awarded First Prize in the 1st Alcalá Horn Campus Competition.