Juan Carlos González Cabrera

He began his violin studies at the age of 7 at the "Manuel Carra" Professional Conservatory of Music in Malaga, where he completed the elementary and professional degrees between 2005 and 2015 with teacher Pilar Ramírez. At the same time, in 2007, he began teaching classes at the CEEM (Experimental Center for Musical Studies) with the Armenian violinist Ara Vartanian as a teacher, and between 2015 and 2019 he completed the higher degree in interpretation at the Higher Conservatory of Music of Castilla y León with Professor Patricio Gutiérrez Pérez. After completing it, he studies a Master of Interpretation at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp between 2019 and 2021, with Guido de Neve as a teacher. He also receives master classes from teachers such as Paul Soummer, Elizabeth Weber, Raquel Castro, Latica HondaRosenberg, Vicente Huertas, Christian Ostertag, Clive Brown or Maximiliam Lohse.

Regarding chamber music, he has taken courses such as “Musical Summer” and has received classes from musicians such as José Enrique Bouché, Miguel Colom, Aitor Heiva or Jonathan Braum.

As for mentions, he participated in the “Música Viva” chamber music competition in Roquetas de Mar (Almería) under the tutelage of Ara Vartanian in 2014, coming in first place, and in the “III Young Musicians Competition” from the Salamanca Professional Conservatory of Music in 2018, coming in second place.

Regarding orchestras, at the national level, he has been part of orchestras such as the Young Provincial Orchestra of Malaga (JOPMA), the Young Leonese Orchestra (JOL), the Young Baroque Orchestra of Andalusia (JOBA), the CEEM orchestra, with which went to two Eurochestries festivals in France in 2012 and 2013, the National Youth Orchestra of Spain (JONDE), the Granada Philharmonic Orchestra, the Malaga Orchestral Academy and the Ceuta International Symphony Orchestra (CISO).

Internationally, he has been a member of orchestras such as the Neue Philharmonie München (NPhM), the Youth Orchestra of Flanders (YOF) and has collaborated with the Antwerp Youth Orchestra (AJO) and the Mechels Kamerorkest VZW.

Currently, he is working as a violinist in the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra.