Ananda Sukarlan

World-renowned Indonesian pianist, composer, educator, writer and cultural activist. He started music at the young age of 5 and graduated from the Kolese Kanisius in Jakarta, although he continued his studies at the University of Hartford (Connecticut, USA). She came to Europe at the age of 17 and graduated summa cum laude from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (Netherlands) and won numerous international competitions such as the Nadia Boulanger Award in Orleans (USA).

His technical skill and expressive playing have made him a highly respected artist in the music community. His innovative combination of styles and commitment to music education have contributed to the enrichment and promotion of classical music in Indonesia and beyond.

Born in 1968 in Jakarta, he came to Holland in 1987 to study at the Hague Conservatory with Naum Grubert and currently resides in Santander. He has been awarded several international awards: First Prize Nadia Boulanger (Orleans), First Prize Xavier Montsalvatge (Girona), Third Prize in the Gaudeamus Contemporary Music Competition (Rotterdam), Second Prize in the Sweelinck Competition (Amsterdam) and Second Prize in the Competition Guerrero Foundation (Madrid), among others.

In addition to his distinguished career as a composer, Ananda Sukarlan is a renowned piano player. He has performed on numerous renowned stages around the world and has collaborated with prominent international orchestras and musicians. He has performed as a soloist at festivals around the world, alongside the orchestras of Berlin, Rotterdam, Paris, Wellington and most of the Spanish symphony orchestras, since Spain is the country in which he resides. He has published 14 albums and has received the Gold Record from Compact Disc magazine for Best Classical Music Recording of the Year. In 2005 he was named musician of the month by RNE and was featured on Radio Clásica. He received the Diaspora Award in 2013. He is the only Indonesian to appear in the list of the 2000 greatest musicians of the 20th century and in the Cambridge Who is Who.

Ananda Sukarlan has given recitals in halls around the world. Acclaimed equally for his interpretations of the classical-romantic period and the music of our time, more than sixty compositions have been written for Sukarlan, including pieces for solo piano and piano concertos, and he has premiered more than one hundred scores.

As a classical music composer he has written for orchestra and instruments and more than 80 vocal pieces (voice and piano, choral, 3 operas, 2 cantatas) that have consolidated his international reputation. Sukarlan's music is known for its stylistic diversity and its ability to fuse elements of Western classical music with Indonesian musical traditions. His compositions span a wide range of genres, from orchestral works and chamber music to vocal music and solo piano pieces. His innovative approach and use of ethnic elements have made Sukarlan one of Indonesia's most influential contemporary composers.