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Our next appointment with Iberian Sinfonietta will be on Saturday, November 27 at 7:00 p.m. at the Peace Palace in Fuengirola . Admission, as always, will be free but until capacity is reached.

As we have been explaining, the November Concert has numerous incentives, the orchestra, the place, the performers, the chosen works. Within these, we have dedicated some entries to getting to know the work of Mozart and Schostakovich, authors who will open and close the concert with very interesting works full of nuances and suggestive moments. In the middle, there will be a very interesting work by a very attractive author, we are referring to Janáceck and his “Idyll for String Orchestra” also known as “Suite for String Orchestra”, you can keep either of the two titles, both are some. On the one hand, it is a suite, that is, a set of small instrumental works, with a dance character or origin, which together make up a piece, a typically baroque form. Or put the accent on “Idyll”, because the music wanders through the folklore of all of central Europe, especially Moravia and Bohemia..., judge for yourself.

The author Janácek is associated on the one hand with fellow composers such as Smetana or Dvorak, in terms of geography, all of them had a great interest in the nationalist music of their territory, but at the same time, he is also related to Bela Bartok or Kodaly, in that same sense, for the taste and passion for rescuing all the rich folklore of the area. For this reason, it is very important to know that he was born in the middle of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but after the First World War, caused by the assassination of the King in Sarajevo, this empire will fall and different nations will be created such as Czechoslovakia, his own, living a stage, although already in advanced age, of authentic splendor.

From a young age, Janácek was talented in piano, organ and vocal music. He directed the Brno Conservatory or the Prague Organ School. It was difficult for him, but in the end he was a very recognized musician in his homeland and internationally. He has his own style, always very aware of everything folkloric and traditional from Bohemia and Moravia and has a transition from a more academic youth, and close to German music to his more nationalist style with its peculiarities.

The premiere of this work, which we will hear next Saturday by Juan Paulo Gómez and the Iberian Sinfonietta , was attended by his friend Dvorak, who, surprised by its quality, proposed to Janáceck that they take a trip together shortly after throughout Bohemia. rescuing popular melodies and songs. It will therefore, without a doubt, be a beautiful moment that we will experience on Saturday listening to this “Idyll for String Orchestra”. Not to miss it.

Jorge Rodríguez Morata
Pedagogical content coordinator

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