Last Monday, September 13, the signing of the collaboration agreement took place between Iberian Sinfonietta and the Association of Composers and Performers of Malaga (ACIM), represented by Juan Paulo Gómez , musical and artistic director of the group based in Fuengirola, and Alejandro Cano Palomo , president of the association.

This agreement, which will begin with a duration of one year and will run during the orchestra's 2022-2023 season, commits, on the one hand, to the premiere of a work by a new composer chosen through a competition, and on the other, to the premiere of a work by a composer with a professional career and a member of the association.

For the selection of the first work, the 1st “Ramón Roldán” Composition Competition will be held during the 2021-2022 academic year, in tribute to the one who was Professor of Composition at the Málaga Superior Conservatory of Music for so many years, in which All composers who are currently enrolled in said center participate, as well as those who have completed their Composition studies during the last three academic years. For the premiere of the second, it will be ACIM that will determine the bases of the call, aimed exclusively at the composer members of the association itself. This call will be published on its website.

This initiative is part of the philanthropic social commitment that marks the main objective of Iberian Sinfonietta , since just as it shows its interest in promoting the premiere of works by new and established composers in the province, it has been developing other works for two seasons. collaboration agreements to support the country's young performers, offering a concert in their season to the winner of the First Prize of the Intercentros Melómano Contest , in the Higher Grade category, and to the winner of the "Iberian Sinfonietta" Special Prize of the Youth Contest Interpreters "City of Estepona" .

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