Dear public,

The work with which we will conclude our concert next Saturday, May 8, and in which we hope to have all of you to say goodbye until September, will be a work by the German Peter Heidrich.

Peter Heidrich is a German violinist and composer born in 1935. His extensive musical experience is marked by the success of his work “Variations on Happy Birthday”.
As you know, the Iberian Sinfonietta concert on May 8 is dedicated to humor in classical music. By this we mean works that are out of the ordinary and that incorporate humor in one way or another, that is, not to be missed.
Happy Birthday is a song composed by two North American teachers and sisters, Mildred and Hatty Smith Hill, at the end of the 19th century. At first it was a song with which the students had to say good morning, and that is how it was called “Good morning to all”, But soon the song, so friendly and so catchy, was used to congratulate not only the day, but the day so special it's your birthday. In fact, it is surely the most recognized melody worldwide, across all continents and cultures. And now, this is when our Peter Heidrich comes into action, who decided to compose some variations on this famous melody.
The work, which has brought this German composer so much fame, opens with the interpretation of the melody composed by the Smith Hill sisters, but once that first version is made, the original version (the one we sing at the birthday parties we attend) ), the same melody is performed following different perfectly recognizable styles. It is therefore an authentic history of music, since we are recognizing the same melody, but with a style based on the compositions of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Dvorak and then evolving towards styles typical of the 20th century. It is, as we say, a perfect end to the season, because in addition to being a beautiful and endearing work, it is a recapitulation of the history of music and the different styles that we will recognize with the appropriate interpretation of the Iberian Sinfonietta. Of course, if someone's birthday is precisely on May 8, they cannot have a better tribute because that day they will enjoy a Happy Birthday interpreted in 14 different styles. What I said, so as not to miss it.
Jorge Rodríguez Morata
Pedagogical content coordinator
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