Dear audience, happy New Year.

As you know, next Saturday, January 21, starting at 7:00 p.m., the first Iberian Sinfonieta concert of 2023 will begin. It will be a very special concert for many reasons, one of them music, a premiere, works by Mozart; Another reason is the performers, and here it is worth highlighting the pair of brothers performing from Malaga, the Vicente Téllez Hermanos Pianistic Duo .

A lifetime on stage and, furthermore, sharing everything that two good brothers share makes a concert performed by them transmit levels of complicity that are difficult to overcome. If we add to this his appreciation for Juan Paulo Gómez , we already have all the ingredients to enjoy some very special moments that will convey to us a Mozart full of life, endearing and jovial. We therefore begin this year, for which we ask for a lot of health and success, with our interview with these great performers.

Two brothers and Juan Paulo Gómez directing, will there be trust and complicity on stage?

(Juan Antonio) Indeed, after so many years of common musical experiences, the level of complicity is maximum. Thanks to this, the enjoyment of the interpretation is complete. (José Eugenio) After my brother's comment, I would add that, with Juan Paulo Gómez conducting, we have full confidence in the optimal result of the concert due to the work previously done with him and the clarity of his gestures in conducting.

How do you divide the work in choosing the repertoire, criteria...?

(Juan Antonio) In reference to the choice of repertoires, we have always shared common tastes in the selection of outstanding works for both two pianos and four-hand piano, always assuming a personal challenge that has allowed us to grow musically. (José Eugenio) The work we do is due to the type of repertoire that is demanded of us. Sometimes for four-hand piano, other times for two pianos and, as in this case, for two pianos and orchestra. The repertoire we have is very varied, depending on the event: movie themes, dances from different countries, Spanish music, etc.

You do Mozart. What do you highlight about this work?

(Juan Antonio) Mozart composed this work in 1776, known by the nickname "Lodron" because it was composed to be performed by himself and the two daughters of Countess Antonia Lodron, Aloysia and Giuseppa. But in 1780 he recomposed it to play it himself and another pianist in Salzburg. Therefore, the version we are going to perform is specifically this one, for two pianos, and this is how it is normally performed today. It is a work that seems jovial, carefree and fun to us.

Your opinion on Iberian Sinfonietta and the January concert

(José Eugenio) This orchestra was founded in 2019 and is made up of excellent professionals, which seems to us to be a reality that guarantees a first-rate musical season on the Costa del Sol. In January, in addition to the space dedicated to Mozart, we will have the pleasure of performing a work of absolute premiere.

You will perform a premiere work. What sensations does it produce in you?

(Juan Antonio) This fantastic work composed by José Iglesias in 1985, inspired by his experiences in Rio de Janeiro, originally for two pianos, has been masterfully orchestrated by Juan Paulo Gómez in 2022 for two pianos and orchestra. It is a great honor for us to perform it in this concert with the Maestro and the Iberian Sinfonietta . (José Eugenio) The premiere of a work is always exciting, in this case, it is a fantasy for two pianos by Maestro José Iglesias González , a magnificent professional and Professor at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Málaga, at the same time, a great friend our.

A wish for this 2023

(Juan Antonio and José Eugenio) We wish, for this 2023, to continue enjoying Music with capital letters, but without a pandemic and without the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Something that remains in our minds...

(José Eugenio) Well, thank you in advance to the public because without them the music, the concerts, etc.; They would not have the transmission power that they have today.

Happy 2023.

Jorge Rodríguez Morata
Pedagogical content coordinator

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