Dear public,

Next Saturday, January 21 at 7:00 p.m. we will meet again at the beginning of 2023. The reason, a new concert by Iberian Sinfonietta . With him, Juan Paulo Gómez and the entire orchestra wish you a happy new year.

It will be a concert full of incentives, there will be a premiere, works by Mozart , works for two pianos and orchestra and another incentive: we will have the very young Carla Román Vázquez . She is a child prodigy of the piano, winner of the “Iberian Sinfonietta” Special Prize of the third edition of the “Ciudad de Estepona” Young Performers Competition , and believe me, the level was very high. She will begin the concert with Mozart's “Jeuehomme,” which is his Concerto No. 9 for Piano and Orchestra in Eb major, KV. 271 .

We talked with her.

You are the youngest of the concert, are you used to it yet?

Yes. Many times I have had to play with people much older than me or attend
master classes in which the majority of the students were much older, but in reality that is not important, since when musicians share or make music, the age is the same.

Why this work?

Because they proposed a classical style work to me and this was a Mozart concert that we believed was interesting to work on and very beautiful for the public.

What sensations do you get from playing with Iberian Sinfonietta, Juan Paulo Gómez and in Fuengirola?

I really want to meet them and work with them and Juan Paulo Gómez

Is it clear that you are going to be a pianist?

Yes, in my dreams I have never had any other option than to be a pianist, I am fighting and trying very hard to achieve it.

What are your next projects?

Right now I have been focused on some concerts I have had with an orchestra, and I have quite a bit of solo piano repertoire to study. I am studying for some contests that I will have soon.

Your favorite authors and why.

The composers I like the most are Liszt, Debussy, Ravel and Rachmaninov but my favorite, without a doubt, is Chopin, since his music is the one with which I feel the most affinity. I love each of their pieces.

Something you want to tell us…

I am looking forward to meeting the public of Fuengirola, being able to share the stage with the Iberian Sinfonietta and that together we will be able to offer a good concert for the public to enjoy.

We wish her the best and you a pleasant evening of music. Not to miss it.

Jorge Rodríguez Morata
Pedagogical content coordinator

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