Dear Public,

From Iberian Sinfonietta we begin with strength and enthusiasm this third cycle of concerts, our Community Concerts 21-22.

It is true that, in the midst of the birth of our original project, the pandemic has spread and has conditioned our lives and customs, but, in our case, it has not been able to with us, Iberian Sinfonietta has adapted to all the Safe Culture measures led by the Fuengirola City Council and as a result, the cycles have been carried out with public and critical success. Of course, we hope that this year will be a calmer year, but we can now proudly say that our new cycle, under the conditions indicated to us at each moment, will be celebrated.

This year will have very special moments, which will make each of our 5 events (September, November, January, March and May) the perfect opportunity to enjoy original classic repertoires.

We say original , because we have a program that avoids comfort and the best-known works, it is because of our commitment to offering the interpretation of great works by great authors but little interpreted and that are and were geniuses from their composition and therefore are worth it your rescue and enjoyment. And we say classic , because in our opinion, the fusion of styles, the diversity of genres is very good, but all this does not mean that somewhere so-called classical or purely academic music is worked on, with innovative, current, original approaches... but it is What we offer is that, pure classical music, which also needs its space and is so popular with the public.

In any case, we go with our first concert, and more specifically, with our first work, the Concerto in Eb for trumpet and string orchestra by Johann Baptist Georg Neruda (1707-1780).

This Bohemian composer (current Czech Republic) was a renowned violinist and composer, his work was developed in Prague and later in Dresden . It has an important musical legacy from which the Concert that this evening next Saturday offers you shines especially. It is a Concert in which a sophistication and at the same time a serenity that is rarely combined is required of the performer, but we believe that we are in luck, since the weight of the solo trumpet will fall on the brand new winner of the Iberian Sinfonietta Prize, 2nd Young Performers Competition " City of Estepona” , the promising trumpeter Amalia Escobar García .

It is undoubtedly one of the great attractions of the Concert on Saturday, September 18. Amalia Escobar García will therefore be the one to open the Concert and the new season with her personal interpretation of this Neruda Trumpet Concerto.

We leave you our conversation with her from a couple of days ago so that you can get to know her a little more before listening to her on Saturday:

Amalia, thank you for having us. How do you feel after winning this prestigious Iberian Sinfonietta Award dedicated to Young Performers “Ciudad de Estepona”?

For me, winning this award gave me great satisfaction because it is a great pleasure and a source of pride to play with a top-level orchestra, an unforgettable and very enriching experience .

What is your opinion of this very famous Trumpet Concerto by Neruda?

Neruda's work is among the three classic trumpet works along with Haydn and Hummel. It is one of the most important. It was originally written for Posthorn, a type of tiny horn. When I interpret it I feel an infinite number of emotions and extreme sweetness .

You inaugurate the new season of a renewing project of Classical Music such as Iberian Sinfonietta, what do you think?

It is a rewarding experience since I can play with this great orchestra .

In that sense, what do you think Iberian Sinfonietta, its work, its Community Concerts format and its Interpretation award contribute to supporting young performers?

This project represents and provides great support and encouragement to young performers as it provides the opportunity to share the stage with great musicians and gain experience on stage .

Can you tell us about your next artistic goals?

My goal is to grow both personally and musically, enjoying the enormous pleasure that music brings me and learning from great musicians and trumpet players .

Finally, if you want to share something else with us?

My gratitude to this great orchestra as well as its director Juan Gómez Hurtado, the competent authorities, to the young performers contest of Estepona and encourage them to continue betting on young talents .

Thank you very much, we hope to enjoy your art next Saturday and we wish you all the luck in the world.

Jorge Rodríguez Morata
Pedagogical content coordinator

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