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In the coming days, Christmas will be celebrated, which will lead so many homes to have endearing and unique family days in which unique moments of the year are repeated every December. From Iberian Sinfonietta we congratulate you on Christmas, we wish you health and prosperity for the year that will begin shortly and, with the pretext of having a space in your Christmas conversations, we offer you the interview with Alejandro Gómez Hurtado , trumpet player and one of the most old members of the orchestra, being one of the people who have the most affection for this project and in turn one of the great incentives of our first concert of 2024. Specifically, on Saturday, January 20 at 7:00 p.m. we will be waiting for you at the Fuengirola Peace Palace . In this concert, Alejandro Gómez Hurtado will perform the wonderful Concerto for trumpet and orchestra in Eb major, Hob. VIIe/1 by Franz Joseph Haydn (1732 - 1809). We talked with Alejandro and took the opportunity to congratulate him, and with him, you, on Christmas.

You know you can't fail with Iberian Sinfonietta because it doesn't fail you...

That's how it is. Unfortunately, this season I cannot be physically present as much as I should due to work and distance reasons, but to the best of my ability I carry out my duties as head of the brass and percussion section.

Iberian Sinfonietta , with its artistic-musical director at the helm, has always proven to be there to listen to proposals, ideas... being, on many occasions, taken into consideration. At the same time, it has always bet on the worth of its members, which is not only gratifying, but also opens a door for its members to be able to materialize many of their musical projects.

Now Haydn, sensations…

Well… ALL. It has been more than eleven years since my first research was published on the figure of the architect of the evolution of the key trumpet, without a doubt, Herr Anton Weidinger . As a result of this iconic character, my search for Haydn and Hummel's concertos took shape and meaning, and at the same time, I discovered new pieces of the classical repertoire that were totally unknown to me. Being able to stage my documented version of the masterpiece for trumpet of Classicism is a great luck and responsibility.

What trumpet will you play it with?

With the key trumpet, for which the work of the Austrian master was composed. It will be the premiere in Spain of this concert performed with key trumpet. When you perform concertos like those of Haydn or Hummel with their original instrument, you perfectly understand the “why” and “what for” of many musical and compositional aspects of these works.

When does this concert arrive for you?

Well, honestly, at best. At least, until today. I am technically in a great moment, with a high level of knowledge and control of this historical instrument and with the musical maturity necessary to face a project of this magnitude.

How do you see the orchestra and the project?

TOP. I think that exceptional dissemination and branding work is being done. It has demonstrated with its permanence over time that it is a serious project, that not only remains, but moves forward, progresses, with an artistic team that knows what it wants and, above all, what it doesn't. My most sincere congratulations.

What do you ask for 2024?

Beyond the classic, without a doubt, health. The rest, with work and effort, is eventually achieved and, if not, having tried satisfies any demand. That said, it is true that thanks to this opportunity that Iberian Sinfonietta has given me, I have had a couple more opportunities to perform this Haydn concerto with an orchestra, although they are still pending confirmation. I will also have the opportunity to perform one of the most demanding concertos written for natural trumpet in Portugal: Stamitz's Concerto in D Major . And, if everything goes as planned, I will also begin to move my latest research, which is based on Desenclos' trumpet concerto Introduction, Thrènes et Danse , in which Cyprus has already shown interest and I hope it will finally be confirmed there. its interpretation.

Jorge Rodríguez Morata
Pedagogical content coordinator.

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