From left to right: Juan Paulo Gómez (musical and artistic director of Iberian Sinfonietta), Ramón Roldán (composer) and Alejandro Cano Palomo (composer and president of ACIM)

As a result of the recent collaboration agreement between the Association of Composers and Performers of Malaga (ACIM) and Iberian Sinfonietta , in the coming days the call will be opened to participate in the first edition of the "Ramón Roldán" Composition Contest , through which will select the work that will be premiered during the Community Concerts 22-23 of the orchestra, based at the Peace Palace in Fuengirola.

The competition will be open to all students of the Málaga Higher Conservatory of Music enrolled in the 2021-2022 academic year, as well as those who graduated in the specialty of Composition during the last three academic years at the same center.

With this initiative, both institutions want to promote opportunities for the premiere of new musical compositions, as well as support for new composers in the province of Malaga. The works submitted to this contest must be original and unpublished, understood as those that are newly created, and cannot present modifications or versions of other existing scores. The composition must have a minimum duration of five minutes and a maximum of eight. The complete rules of the call can be obtained through the following link:

Ramón Roldán Samián was Professor of Composition at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Málaga for 38 years. In addition to his teaching role, we can highlight the versatility that he has always shown in his work, since he has composed works for all types of vocal and instrumental groups in which he has also captured diverse musical styles, all of them examples of the tireless search for a own language capable of transmitting to the listener a special sound world, refinedly crafted and loaded with emotional content. We can highlight the numerous premieres of his works that have been performed throughout Andalusia, having been performed by artists of recognized prestige and by all the orchestras in the region, making special mention of the two professional orchestras of the city: the Malaga Provincial Symphony Orchestra and the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra. Likewise, his music has crossed these borders, being performed in national and international cities, including Madrid and New York.

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