Dear audience, Merry Christmas.

The year is ending but at Iberian Sinfonietta we are in full programming. In fact, next Saturday, January 21 , we will meet again and enjoy a most interesting evening, this time the protagonists will be Mozart, the orchestra, the conductor, the performers... and the piano music.

And we say well, because it will not only be works for piano and orchestra that we can enjoy, but for two pianos. A concert, as we say, the most attractive that can be seen, hence the title of the evening “among the pianos the game goes”.

There will be two works by Mozart and the closing of the concert will be a work by the composer José Iglesias González , who will premiere his Fantasia for two pianos and orchestra, Op. 36 . And we already know that a premiere is always a very special moment, that's why we wanted you to know more about the composer and the premiere, a premiere that will star the Hermanos Téllez Pianistic Duo together with Iberian Sinfonietta and Maestro Juan Paulo Gómez .

Pepe, closing an almost monographic evening of Mozart, sensations?

What is beautiful and good ends soon.

Where does your Fantasy for two planes take us?

To the surprising contrasts that I experienced during my visit to Brazil and, above all, to the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Do you know the interpretations of the Vicente Téllez Brothers? What do you think they will contribute to your work and vice versa?

I have been following them for more than 40 years and they have premiered some of my works. To the Fantasy, as great pianists and performers that they are, I hope they give beauty and splendor by showing the contrasts that I have tried to capture in the work of what I saw and felt; and for my part, contribute a grain of sand to the world of classical music.

And the direction of Juan Paulo Gómez and Iberian Sinfonietta, what will they contribute and vice versa?

Juan Paulo Gómez , in addition to being a great director, is a magnificent arranger, since he was the one who orchestrated the Fantasia. From the orchestra, made up of great musicians, I hope that they transmit the strength, splendor, beauty and greatness of the work when they perform it. I hope you feel that beautiful feeling full of contrasts.

How did this work come about?

This work arose from the commission of Juan Antonio Vicente Téllez back in the years 1983-84. For me it was very important because my first classical work was born, since at that time I was composing light music; and most importantly, the birth of a great friendship, which lasts and will last over time.

Something that remains in our minds...

Thank Juan Paulo Gómez and Iberian Sinfonetta for the interest and work they have put into the premiere of this work, as well as the Vicente Téllez Brothers for participating in them. I hope the premiere is a success.

Not to be missed, yes, already in 2023. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas!!!

Jorge Rodríguez Morata
Pedagogical content coordinator

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