Interview with Jorge Rodríguez Morata , coordinator of pedagogical content at Iberian Sinfonietta .

The interview we offer today is, precisely, with the person who interviews the rest of us, the one who presents the concerts, the works, the artists... We believe that it was time to get to know him a little more, therefore, on this occasion It will be me, the musical and artistic director of Iberian Sinfonietta , who will interview Jorge Rodríguez Morata .

How did your relationship with Iberian Sinfonietta begin?

For me, Iberian Sinfonietta is another project by Juan Paulo Gómez , a person whom I have always admired and whom I met at the conservatory back in the 80s, when we were children. Since then, in many ways we have always been involved with music, so when he told me about this project that excited him so much, I didn't hesitate to join it. Furthermore, I take the opportunity and see my dear family from Malaga, so each meeting with Iberian Sinfonietta is a meeting of the whole family, who also attends the concert, which makes them one of the most beautiful dates on each person's agenda. anus.

Are you also dedicated to music, how do you handle not making music here?

Indeed, I also direct choirs and different music groups, I collaborate with the written press and radio, etc... but, for that reason, I love this work. It is a different task, you contribute another aspect, dissemination, dissemination, generating a very favorable environment for listening to each piece, and the truth is that it is very interesting. I think that the figure that Juan Paulo Gómez proposed to me makes sense, and I at least try to provide it to him. In addition, I see the concerts behind the scenes, which is most suggestive.

What does your work consist of?

My work is double. I understand that it is one more ingredient of a great ensemble that is Iberian Sinfonietta . On the one hand, it is before the concert. Through blog posts, I share some impressions and notions of the repertoires, artists and other elements that will make up the concert. In that sense, we are also creating a new section in which we get to know each of the components of Iberian Sinfonietta . We have started with the section leaders: concertmaster, trumpet, cello..., but the idea is to get to know all the members. On the other hand, in each concert I present the works and the performers. It is something that Juan Paulo Gómez had in mind, giving importance to knowing the music inside, and I think it really helps to increase the love for each work that is played in the concert. It's simple, you know something, you understand it and since it also sounds beautiful and interesting, it's irresistible, music works, it improves things.

How do you see the evolution of the project?

I think I am absolutely objective if I simply say that the evolution is exponential, more and more audiences attend concerts. We can talk about a fixed audience. There are many offers from composers who offer their works, from performers and from record companies, publications, etc., interested in participating. Juan Paulo Gómez does a great job, and if you add to that the love shown by the great group of people he is building, it is easy to understand. I am happy that a cultural project "of km 0", that is, of the earth, has a prestige precisely in its land. Classical music is largely unknown, except for several works, so the work of Iberian Sinfonietta is very important in the sense of bringing quality and originality to its countrymen. So I see the project with great vigor and I am proud.

The best and worst of interviews…

I am very respectful of people who do not want to intervene, that is why, almost every time we go to interview someone on stage, we first submit it to their approval. You have to understand that sometimes they are very young musicians and they are very nervous and very concentrated, so there is nothing to be gained by putting pressure on someone who precisely wants to offer the best of themselves. For this reason, things always turn out beautifully, the musicians have a lot to say and the public enjoys knowing the ins and outs of the works or hearing anecdotes about them. Of course, I said “almost always” because from time to time I ask the concertmaster to play passages or some fragment, without warning, but our Enrique can do everything!!

A few words to say goodbye to the interview

Well, they would be dedicated to thanking Juan Paulo Gómez and all the members of Iberian Sinfonientta for being such an inspiring group. And “long live Iberian Sinfonietta

Juan Paulo Gomez
Musical and artistic director of Iberian Sinfonietta

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