Dear Public:

If a few days ago we wished you a Merry Christmas, in this last entry of the year on our Blog, it is appropriate to wish everyone a Happy 2024. It is true that the Iberian Sinfonietta season began in September and will continue until May, but always The change of year generates a stop, a look back and a new hope to improve in the next year. We understand that a few words from the person who embodies Iberian Sinfonietta as founder and creator of the creature can be a perfect culmination of a 2023 of which we feel very satisfied. We leave you with some reflections from Maestro Juan Paulo Gómez , director of Iberian Sinfonietta and we wish you from the bottom of our hearts, Happy 2024. We are waiting for you in January at a beautiful concert by our orchestra!

Master, one more year or half a season more?

Personally, I like to value the work done in each season, so I prefer to see it from this point of view, finding ourselves practically in the middle of the Community Concerts 23/24 , with the concert on January 20 being the center of this season current.

How do you find the project?

Right now, everything is working very well. The different programs that we are performing are being very popular with the public and the level of the soloists who participate in them is very high, even though some of them are young performers who show the bright future that awaits them in their careers. Likewise, the commitment we have to the premiere of newly created works is being very well accepted and, taking into account the great variety of styles that each of the premiered works show, I must say that the attending public shows great music lover training and knowing how to appreciate this diversity of languages ​​very well. I must also say that many composers from all over Spain are contacting us to propose their works, something that shows that our initiative to support current composers is becoming known beyond our community, which is very gratifying because it makes you see that You are being a reference in this aspect.
In relation to the orchestra, we are constantly working to achieve our own sound, which is why the stability of the squad is of great importance, although the renewal and incorporation of new components is also present due to the demands of the repertoire that we are presenting, a circumstance which also forces us to increase the number of components with respect to the staff of the initial seasons.

How is it growing?

This being our fifth season and being able to appreciate in each concert that the number of attendees is growing, it makes me confirm that the musical and artistic model that we propose is already taking shape not only in the community of Fuengirola, but also in a large number of music lovers from from other locations that is gaining loyalty concert after concert.

What do you miss?

Although one would always like to have more financial resources to increase the number of concerts each season and to be able to share more music with the community and give more opportunities to performers and composers, the truth is that I can only have words of gratitude for all those who are making it possible for our philanthropic project to continue developing. Especially, I want to thank the Fuengirola City Council for all the resources and staff that it is making available to us to carry out the Community Concerts , because without them none of what we have mentioned above would be possible.

Did you expect this evolution and this reception?

Well, honestly, when I decided to present the Iberian Sinfonietta project to Rodrigo Romero Morales , Councilor for Culture of the Fuengirola City Council, it was knowing that it was the ideal place for a musical initiative of these characteristics to be successful, since it is a town with adequate facilities, a more than notable interest in the programming of diverse cultural activities and a large and diverse population with great interest in classical music. In this sense, I think I was completely right and I was lucky that my proposal was very well received from the moment I entered the councilor's office. Since then, and taking into account that these were very difficult times due to the pandemic that took place, everything has been evolving quickly and solidly, since we are seeing the loyalty of an audience that is growing concert after concert.

Your wishes for 2024

I would like everything to go as planned and we can conclude our 23/24 season in the same way as the previous ones, that is, with great acceptance from the public, since it is what truly encourages us to continue acquiring new ones. commitments and challenges for the next 24/25 season, in which we have already started working and in which we will try to take one more step in our evolution.

Jorge Rodríguez Morata
Pedagogical content coordinator.

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