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If in the entry we published about the repertoire and performers of the next Iberian Sinfonietta event we talked about the first work of the concert on November 27, this time we focus on the one that will close it, the Piano Concerto No. 1, trumpet and string orchestra in C minor, Op. 35 by Dimitri Shostakovich.

Shostakovich was a pianist and composer with a determining significance for understanding Russian music throughout the 20th century. He was born in 1906 and died in 1975 and due to his music and importance in management he was a determining figure, closely related tonally and post-romanticism. even atonal or chromaticism, since the 20th century was in its beginnings a display of styles to which he approached throughout his compositions.

This concert is, in short, a neo-baroque format in which a soloist dialogues or “rivals” with the orchestra. But this is a work in which Shostakovich, starting from that baroque form, creates and adapts it to his own musical and emotional universe. To begin with, it is more of a double Concerto, since the piano and trumpet are equally soloists, neither predominates, so we can really speak of a double Concerto. Another very interesting aspect is the number of musical “quotes” that Schostakovich includes throughout the four movements of the Concerto, such as fragments of the Apassionata or Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 , or his fragments from his own opera Christopher Columbus. . It was a concert premiered by Schostakovich himself on the piano and Alexander Schmidt on the trumpet, and which was a regular part of the recitals of Schostakovich, who had a predilection for this composition of his.

Today, once this introduction has been made, we want to focus on getting to know a little more about the trumpet player who will play the trumpet part in the Concert, a great friend since the beginning of Iberian Sinfonietta , and therefore known to the public, Maestro Alejandro Gómez Hurtado , to whom through a pleasant conversation we presented what we now make known to him.

Where are you at professionally?
Well, the truth is that in a very positive artistic moment. Despite the difficulties we are experiencing from the pandemic, confinement, etc.; I can't complain since many of my personal projects as a musician are coming to fruition. Among them, notable are his activities as a soloist with original repertoires and even world premieres. At the same time, having the possibility of being accompanied by orchestras is a privilege, especially when it comes to literature for solo trumpet.

What is your opinion of this Shostakovich concert?
TOP. I think that word hits the nail on the head. I think that trumpet players are lucky that a composer like him thought of us when composing that gem. Personally, I identify with many aspects of this composer. I am passionate about the Russian tradition, and especially Shostakovich, and I feel very comfortable performing his music. The peculiarities of the style, articulations, sounds, atmospheres..., integrate very well with my way of playing.

What do you think of the "Piano - Trumpet rivalry" that Shostakovich proposes?
I, personally, don't think there is. We trumpet players must be very clear about where we are and where we are not. We are already lucky to play such an important role in this musical gem. Of course, I think we bring a color, a personality of our own to this piece that makes it original but I don't think we can talk about rivalry, since it would be like talking about David and Goliath. The question is who is who...? Ha ha ha

How do you see the Iberian Sinfonieta orchestra?
An example of good work. A brave, innovative, socially educational and cultural project, organized, disciplined and with unbeatable human quality, and artistically, at a higher level every day despite its youth.

Next projects
I have several concerts as a soloist and orchestra awaiting confirmation. These are complicated times and everything is slow but, if everything goes well, I would be collaborating with orchestras from Portugal, Colombia and Spain. In both cases, it would be performing the Concerto in Rem for 2 trumpets and orchestra by Víctor Martínez Jara, a work whose world premiere took place with the Iberian Sinfonietta not many months ago. I am also waiting for a response from a Spanish municipal band to perform KALOPHONIA, concerto for 2 trumpets by JR Pascual Vilaplana. Pedagogically, everything will depend on the evolution of the pandemic and COVID restrictions to see if some courses and masterclasses that I have pending can be carried out in Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Mexico.

Thank you very much Alejandro, we wish you all the luck in the world in your projects and in your intervention on November 27 at 7:00 p.m. at the next Iberian SinfonietTa event at the Peace Palace in Fuengirola.

Jorge Rodríguez Morata
Pedagogical content coordinator

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